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Grove Scientific & Engineering Company (GSE) is certified by the Florida State Board of Professional Engineers and has been in business since 1987.  GSE’s engineers and scientists specialize in all aspects of air quality consulting. Industrial air pollution has been our focus and we have experience in nearly every industrial sector in the market. GSE also works on institutional and government projects as well. GSE's expert knowledge of science and engineering are combined to provide our client with solutions to complex air pollution control applications. We have completed over 500 air pollution projects and have obtained over 1000 air permits in 49 states, 3 territories and 14 countries.

Air quality services provided are listed below.

  • Prepare permit applications for construction or operation permits, annual operation reports, permit renewal applications, permit transfers and permit modification.
  • Air pollution control equipment feasibility and design studies. 
  • Title V permitting and compliance programs.
  • Emissions inventories and rule applicability analyses.
  • Visible emissions testing.
  • General engineering consulting on all types of air pollution sources.
  • Air dispersion modeling.
  • Air toxics monitoring.
  • Air curtain, solid and bio-hazardous waste incinerator consulting.
  • Source testing for compliance and engineering studies.
  • Catalytic and thermal oxidizer consulting.
  • Ambient air (carbon monoxide, particulates, etc.) and weather monitoring.
  • Expert testimony.