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Air Pollution

Industrial air pollution has been one focus since 1987 and we have worked in nearly every industrial sector in the market. Our knowledge of science and engineering are combined to provide our industrial client with solutions to complex air pollution control applications. We have used this knowledge to service institutional and governmental client’s air pollution consulting needs. We have conducted over 500 air pollution projects since 1987 in 49 states, 3 territories and 14 countries obtaining well over 1000 air permits. We have also conducted around 1000 air pollution source tests throughout the USA.

Solid Waste Management Services

Within the last 15 years, the GSE team has successfully completed more than 100 landfill, transfer station, and material recovery facility permitting projects for our loyal clients in Florida. We understand the technical and political complexities of the solid waste facility permitting processes, especially at the local level, as evidenced by our successful track record.  This, coupled with our excellent rapport with local regulators, provides our clients the most efficient permitting, and thus cost-effective process available.

Environmental Assessment

Our services include routine Phase I and II site assessments to complex investigations, some outside of the environmental field but using the scientific method to identify and solve complex questions. Our experienced engineers and scientist are utilized to provide their expertise on these projects. We do extensive work in groundwater and surface water monitoring, industrial waste, landfill leachate and domestic wastewater.

Water Treatment and Monitoring

Our industrial and institutional clients are faced with ever increasing wastewater pretreatment requirements, stormwater permitting and compliance services, groundwater monitoring needs, environmental noise monitoring and professional assistance in many different areas.  We excel in our ability to cross over into the multi-disciplined areas that are needed to answer complex question.

Industrial Hygiene

Public health and welfare is an important part of environmental work. Many other firms are not equipped to address the complex interaction of pollutants as they pertain to exposure or workers or the community. Our staff includes experts in industrial hygiene and toxicity testing. A natural progression of our industrial work is to assist our clients with environmental expertise as well as industrial hygiene, safety and community exposure issues. We have the team to apply our combined knowledge of environmental and industrial hygiene to assist our clients in this complex arena.


Over the past 30 years we've been in business we've performed a wide scope of services. If your circumstance isn't listed on our website chances are we're familiar with it all the same. Contact us and at the very least we will point you in the right direction.