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Solid Waste Management

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Solid Waste Management Services

Solid Waste Management Services

Grove Scientific & Engineering Company (GSE) engineers and scientists have been providing private and public sector clients with quality and responsive solid waste management services for over 30 years throughout the southeastern US and the Caribbean.

We offer a comprehensive range of solid waste management services from facility siting, design, permitting, construction management, ongoing operations/ compliance monitoring and closure.  GSE specializes in landfill siting, hydrogeological studies, design, construction management, monitoring and closure to meet the stringent FDEP Rule 62-701 and local regulatory code requirements.

Within the last 15 years, the GSE team has successfully completed more than 100 landfill, transfer station, and material recovery facility permitting projects for our loyal clients in Florida. We understand the technical and political complexities of the solid waste facility permitting processes, especially at the local level, as evidenced by our successful track record.  This, coupled with our excellent rapport with local regulators, provides our clients the most efficient permitting, and thus cost-effective process available.

GSE’s solid waste management services are listed below.

  • Landfill Engineering Design, Permitting, & Construction Services.
  • Facility Siting.
  • Construction & Demolition Debris Facilities Permitting, Management & Closure Activities.
  • Class III Landfills.
  • Landfill Gas/Odor Collection & Control.
  • Solid Waste Planning, Waste Characterization, Recycling Efficiencies. 
  • Transfer Stations & MRF Design, Permitting. 
  • Odor Monitoring Field Services & Reporting. 
  • Gas Monitoring Field Services & Reporting.
  • Groundwater Monitoring Field Services & Reporting.
  • Landfill Odor Studies. 
  • Composting, Food Waste & Yard Trash Recycling Design, Permitting.
  • Landfill Title V Air Compliance.
  • Stormwater Management.
  • Special Use Zoning. 
  • Monitoring Well Installation.
  • Construction CQA.
  • Landfill Closure, Mining & Reuse.