Professional Environmental Consulting for over 30 years


President - Bruno A Ferraro, C.E.P., Q.E.P.



Bruno A Ferraro, C.E.P., Q.E.P.

As President, Mr. Ferraro assists the CEO in administering the corporation.  In addition to his administrative duties as President, Mr. Ferraro directs a wide variety of environmental disciplines for the company. With an extensive project management background, he oversees these disciplines to assure that a high quality product is delivered on time and within budget.

Mr. Ferraro has been an environmental consultant in Florida since 1979 and has a broad base of experience in the field of environmental sciences and engineering.  His work has included extensive field sampling and monitoring projects, bioassays and aquaculture, wasteload allocation and water quality studies, flora and fauna identification, air pollution permitting and source testing, biological studies and hazardous waste management.  Mr. Ferraro has conducted many specialized and unusual studies where he has applied the scientific method to solve or identify problems outside the environmental disciplines.  (Mr. Ferraro is also an expert witness for water quality projects).
One of his strongest areas of expertise is in the field of air pollution source permitting and consulting.  He has been an expert witness on several air pollution projects, has conducted environmental audits of industry and stack test audits and has conducted ambient air monitoring for carbon monoxide, toxic organics and particulate matter.

Mr. Ferraro has 6 years experience as a laboratory analyst with extensive experience in wet chemistry and instrumentation analytical techniques and procedures.  He has performed laboratory analyses for domestic and industrial wastes, wastewater, soils, sediments and industrial hygiene air samples.  He has been the President of the Florida Society of Environmental Analysts (F.S.E.A.) and was the Chairman of the Air and Solid Waste Committee for the Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Ferraro is very experienced in conducting indoor air quality studies.  Over the past nine years, he has conducted more than fifty indoor air quality evaluations for industry, federal government, real estate agencies, attorneys and private individuals.  He is also very experienced in conducting noise studies using state of the art electronics and data loggers.

As a biologist, Mr. Ferraro is involved in the management of several urban lakes located in Orange County, Florida.  He has been coordinating the most intensive lake water quality study undertaken in Orange County.  The project involves the combined effort of local and state governments and a homeowners association with an ultimate goal of providing comprehensive lake management to these urban lakes.