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Controller - Dan Sterling



Dan Sterling

As Controller, Dan guides financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures. Safeguards assets and assures accurate and timely recording of all transactions by implementing disciplines of internal audits, controls and checks across all departments. Manages the accuracy and productivity of day-to-day activities of accounts payable, cash disbursements, invoicing/billing, customer credits and collections, payroll, perpetual inventory integrity, fixed asset records, general & entity accounting, cost accounting, Human Resources, and Operations. Assures financial plans are consistent with organizational goals. Assures that assets are not awkwardly encumbered with personal guarantees or unrealistic commitments.

Monitors and confirms financial condition by conducting audits; interfacing and providing information to outside audit firms(s), banks and lessors, casualty/liability insurance agent(s), credit card companies, and collection agencies. 

This is accomplished by overseeing:

  • The activities of the accounting department for the accurate and timely dissemination of financial management reports including, but not limited to, internal and external monthly financial statements and annual audits and annual budgets.
  • The activities of the disbursement department, ensuring the accurate and timely processing of accounts payable, purchase orders, petty cash, core employee expense reports, cash control, core payroll processing and total corporate payroll tax compliance.
  • The activities of the accounts receivable department to ensure the accurate and timely management of all accounts receivable aging components including billings, cash receipts application, etc; funding service management, which includes weekly funding reports and customer service; quarter and year-end payroll closing including federal and state reports; and check statistic management.
  • Financial analyses to evaluate company ventures or special projects, programs, capital expenditures, products costing, etc. when necessary.
  • Commercial banking relationships to facilitate an appropriate credit resource under highly competitive terms.
  • Income tax compliance to assure the accurate and timely completion of all corporate income tax returns.
  • Establishing and maintaining systems and controls that verify the integrity of all systems, processes and data.
  • Overall Operations (including: Safety, Security, Computer Services and Building Maintenance).
  • A wide variety of special projects and compiling a variety of special reports.