Professional Environmental Consulting for over 30 years


Project Manager - Sara Greivell


Environmental scientist and Project Manager

Sara Greivell

As an environmental scientist and project manager for Grove Scientific & Engineering Company, Mrs. Greivell’s main focus is air pollution source permitting and consulting. She works to obtain Title V, non-Title V, and Air General Permits for clients. This includes extensive rule review to determine all applicable state and federal rules and regulations for a wide variety of air pollution sources. Mrs. Greivell assists clients in maintaining, renewing and all related reporting and record keeping requirements to ensure the client is in compliance with their air permit at all times. This reporting includes Green House Gas reporting, preparation and maintenance of CAM plans. 

In addition to air pollution work, Mrs. Greivell has worked with clients in obtaining EPA Hazardous Waste ID Numbers, Industrial User Discharge Permits and Tank Registration. She also assists in performing environmental assessments for a client’s new site.

Mrs. Greivell is the project manager of 70 concrete ready-mix plants in Florida as well as all hospital and university clients.  She has permitted hundreds of boilers and stationary emergency generators as well as many other source categories.